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How to handle different versions of your model on the IAMC wiki?

The underlying software is not made to manage versions of sets of pages, the system keeps a history only for individual pages. So we created a version management solution with pdf-files of previous versions. These pdf-files contain the reference card information plus all documentation pages of a model on the time of creation.

How it works

  • A snapshot page has been created for each model: Snapshot of - <model>, for example Snapshot of - IMAGE. When you open this page, the current content of your model will be retrieved and put together on this page.
  • An archive page has been created for each model: Archive page of - <model>, for example Archive page of - MESSAGE-GLOBIOM. This page will guide you through the process of archiving
  • The archive page creates a specific version page for your model, named: Archive of <model> version <model version>, for example Archive of REMIND version 1.7. The version number will be derived from the model info of the About section of the reference card! The version page contains a link to the archive pdf, the archive date and (optional) a comment.
  • The info box on the documentation pages contains a section Previous versions. All version pages will be listed here.

Note: You can always create a pdf of the snapshot page for backup purposes

The update process of a model

An update of the documentation of your model to a recent version should follow these steps:

  1. Check whether the version number of your model represents the correct number for the current description in the About section of your model page (see table in next section).
  2. Use the Archive page of your model (see table in next section) to create a version page.
  3. Change the version number in the About section into the new version number
  4. Start updating the content

Remove an archived version

  1. Open the version page that you want to remove
  2. Type on a new tab the URL of the pdf file using the pdf name on the table below and prefix it with "", so the page name is File:<pdf-name>
  3. Delete the version page: top-menu=>More=>Delete
  4. Delete the pdf file (step 2) with the delete option on the page

Overview of models and archive pages

Model PageSnapshot pageArchive pageDocumentation stageParticipationVersion pagespdf name 
GCAMSnapshot of - GCAMArchive page of - GCAMunder reviewfull
PROMETHEUSSnapshot of - PROMETHEUSArchive page of - PROMETHEUSunder reviewfull
GRACESnapshot of - GRACEArchive page of - GRACEunder reviewfull
IFsSnapshot of - IFsArchive page of - IFsunder reviewfullArchive of IFs version 7.36IFs-7.36_12Mar2020.pdf
E3ME-FTTSnapshot of - E3ME-FTTArchive page of - E3ME-FTTsubmittedfullArchive of E3ME-FTT version 1.0E3ME-FTT-1.0_12Mar2020.pdf
IMAGESnapshot of - IMAGEArchive page of - IMAGEpublishedfullArchive of IMAGE version 3.0IMAGE-3.0_2020-03-02.pdf
AIM-HubSnapshot of - AIM-HubArchive page of - AIM-HubpublishedfullArchive of AIM-Hub version unknownAIM-Hub_12Mar2020.pdf
TIAM-UCLSnapshot of - TIAM-UCLArchive page of - TIAM-UCLpublishedfullArchive of TIAM-UCL version 3.1.5TIAM-UCL_12Mar2020.pdf
REMIND-MAgPIESnapshot of - REMIND-MAgPIEArchive page of - REMIND-MAgPIEpublishedfullArchive of REMIND-MAgPIE version 1.7REMIND-1.7_12Mar2020.pdf
MESSAGE-GLOBIOMSnapshot of - MESSAGE-GLOBIOMArchive page of - MESSAGE-GLOBIOMpublishedfullArchive of MESSAGE-GLOBIOM version 1.0MESSAGE-GLOBIOM-1.0_12Mar2020.pdf
WITCHSnapshot of - WITCHArchive page of - WITCHpublishedfullArchive of WITCH version 4.8WITCH_12Mar2020.pdf
C3IAMSnapshot of - C3IAMArchive page of - C3IAMpublishedfullArchive of C3IAM version 2.0Archive of C3IAM version 2.0.pdf
DNE21+Snapshot of - DNE21+publishedfullArchive of DNE21+ version 12DNE21+_12Mar2020.pdf
GEM-E3Snapshot of - GEM-E3Archive page of - GEM-E3publishedfullArchive of GEM-E3 version unknownGEM-E3_12Mar2020.pdf
BLUESSnapshot of - BLUESArchive page of - BLUESpublishedfullArchive of BLUES version 1.0BLUES-1.0_12Mar2020.pdf
COFFEE-TEApublishedfullArchive of COFFEE-TEA version v1COFFEE-TEA-V1_12Mar2020.pdf
IMACLIMSnapshot of - IMACLIMArchive page of - IMACLIMpublishedfullArchive of IMACLIM version R1.0IMACLIM-R1.0_12Mar2020.pdf
POLESSnapshot of - POLESArchive page of - POLESpublishedfullArchive of POLES version ADVANCEPOLES-ADVANCE_12Mar2020.pdf
ICESSnapshot of - ICESArchive page of - ICESin preparationfull
TIAM-ECNSnapshot of - TIAM-ECNArchive page of - TIAM-ECNin preparationfull
IPAC-GlobalSnapshot of - IPAC-GlobalArchive page of - IPAC-Globalin preparationfull
EPPASnapshot of - EPPAArchive page of - EPPAin preparationfull
IPAC-AIM technologySnapshot of - IPAC-AIM technologyArchive page of - IPAC-AIM technologyin preparationfull
MARKAL-IndiaSnapshot of - MARKAL-IndiaArchive page of - MARKAL-Indiain preparationfull
AIM-Hub KoreaSnapshot of - AIM-Hub KoreaArchive page of - AIM-Hub Koreain preparationfull
AIM-Enduse IndiaSnapshot of - AIM-Enduse IndiaArchive page of - AIM-Enduse Indiain preparationfull
MERGE-ETLSnapshot of - MERGE-ETLArchive page of - MERGE-ETLin preparationfull
MUSESnapshot of - MUSEArchive page of - MUSEin preparationfull
GMMSnapshot of - GMMArchive page of - GMMin preparationfull
MESSAGE KoreaSnapshot of - MESSAGE KoreaArchive page of - MESSAGE Koreapublishedreference card only
AIM-Enduse JapanSnapshot of - AIM-Enduse JapanArchive page of - AIM-Enduse Japanpublishedreference card only
GENeSYS-MODpublishedreference card only
IMACLIM-NLUSnapshot of - IMACLIM-NLUArchive page of - IMACLIM-NLUpublishedreference card only
WEGDYNpublishedreference card only
IPETSSnapshot of - IPETSArchive page of - IPETSpublishedreference card onlyArchive of IPETS version 2.0IPETS-2.0_12Mar2020.pdf
TIMES-Francepublishedreference card only
AIM-Hub Viet NamSnapshot of - AIM-Hub Viet NamArchive page of - AIM-Hub Viet Nampublishedreference card only
MIGRATIONpublishedreference card only
DARTpublishedreference card only
BETSnapshot of - BETArchive page of - BETpublishedreference card only
China TIMESSnapshot of - China TIMESArchive page of - China TIMESpublishedreference card only
SNOW GL HHpublishedreference card only
AIM-Hub ThailandSnapshot of - AIM-Hub ThailandArchive page of - AIM-Hub Thailandpublishedreference card only
ENVISAGEin preparationreference card only
McKinseyin preparationreference card only
AIM-Hub IndonesiaSnapshot of - AIM-Hub IndonesiaArchive page of - AIM-Hub Indonesiain preparationreference card only
GCAM-KAISTSnapshot of - GCAM-KAISTArchive page of - GCAM-KAISTin preparationreference card only
IMACLIM-IndiaSnapshot of - IMACLIM-IndiaArchive page of - IMACLIM-Indiain preparationreference card only
MEDEASSnapshot of - MEDEASArchive page of - MEDEASin preparationreference card only