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Model Documentation - IMAGE
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Model information
Institution PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), Netherlands,, Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands,
Solution concept The IMAGE framework can best be described as a geographically explicit assessment, integrated assessment simulation model, focusing a detailed representation of relevant processes with respect to human use of energy, land and water in relation to relevant environmental processes.
Solution method Recursive dynamic solution method
Anticipation Simulation modelling framework, without foresight. However, a simplified version of the energy/climate part of the model (called FAIR) can be run prior to running the framework to obtain data for climate policy simulations.

IMAGE contains a detailed description of the energy service consumption in the transport, residential, cement and steel sector. In these sectors the physical activity (e.g passenger km, tonne km, tonne cement, tonne steel and residential floor space) are projected which drive the sectors demand for energy. Modelling energy services gives the opportunity to better assess scenarios of structural change (e.g. in the transport sector modal shift), technology efficiency and saturation effects. More details on the transport, industry and residential modelling can be found on the Transport, Industrial sector and Residential and Commercial sectors pages.