Model comparison based on scope and methods

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This page makes it possible to create a comparison between (a selection of) models and reference card features. The features are ordered by reference card group. You can create a model selection first. This selection will be passed to the 'group features' queries. When you activate a 'group features' button, a new tab will be opened containing the 'run query form' with all features of the reference card group.

Model exploration

After clicking the [+] toggle below a table appears displaying the IAMC models with their scope and methods. You can filter the models based on one or more of the characteristics. This way you can explore the IAMC model set and use this information to inspect IAMC models further by selecting a set of models and comparing their features.

Expand [+}/collapse [-} the scope and method table with filter options to explore the differences.

Note: The 'other' option represents values deviating from the standard options for a feature.

Model selection

You can create a model selection based on specific values for model scope and methods.

Current selection is based on filters:

  • Method: no filter
  • Concept: no filter
  • Horizon: no filter
  • Model type: CGE
  • Geographical scope:Regional

Resulting in model selection : AIM-Hub Indonesia;AIM-Hub Korea;AIM-Hub Thailand;AIM-Hub Viet Nam;IMACLIM-India;VESPA

Feature selection

The buttons below will open a query page in a new tab. It contains a form to select features and run the comparison query.

About model Model scope and methods Socio-economic drivers Macro-economy Energy Land-use Emission, climate and impacts