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This page links to the AR6 (IPCC 6th Assessment Report) Scenario Explorer with key model input variables and assumptions used in projections up to 2100. This AR6 database contains scenario results from many integrated assessment model (IAM) based studies. The links below show model-specific values for socio-economic drivers (economic growth and population growth), technological development assumptions (technology lifetimes and efficiencies) and assumptions on energy prices and costs (prices, capital costs, operating and maintenance costs and discount rates of energy technologies and carbon capture and storage systems).

The results are shown for the 5 SSPs (Socio-Economic Pathways) pathways, which provide a large range in potential socio-economic trends, and a no climate policy baseline and mitigation scenario from the more recent ENGAGE project (EN_NoPolicy and EN_NPi2020_800). However, it is also possible to add more scenarios, variables and models for comparison.

Before following the links below, please first create and open an account on the AR6 Scenario Explorer. An account is free and provides full access to the database.