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There are several ways to create an overview of IAMC models and their reference card data.

  • Model comparison: Compare a selected set of models for a selected set of features. Features are ordered by reference card group
  • Model comparison based on scope and methods: Compare a selected set of models for a selected set of features. Model selection is based on scope and methods.
  • Export reference card data (matrix format): This page retrieves all reference card data for all IAMC models. The data are formatted in a table with the IAMC models as column headers and all features as row header. You can export this table by an copy/paste action to a spreadsheet
  • Export to CSV (database format): All reference card data for all IAMC models are retrieved and formatted in a comma separated values (CSV) file. This format looks like the example below. This format is suitable to program with the data.
    Model,Group,Section,Feature,"Selected option",Other,Text,List,Sequence
    "AIM-Enduse India",About,main,"Name and version",,,"AIM/Enduse India 1.0",,1
    "AIM-Enduse India",About,main,"Model link",,,";",,2
    "AIM-Enduse India",About,main,Institution,,,"Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), India,",,3
    "AIM-Enduse India",About,main,Documentation,,,"AIM-Enduse India documentation consists of a referencecard and [[Model Documentation - AIM-Enduse India|detailed model documentation]]",,4
    "AIM-Enduse India",About,main,"Process state",,,"in preparation",,5