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Model Documentation - WITCH

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Institution European Institute on Economics and the Environment (RFF-CMCC EIEE), Italy,
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method Optimization

Countries included within the model are grouped into 17 regions clustered by geography, income and the structure of energy demand.

The regional disaggregation is now flexible and the model can be run on different model configurations, typically from 5 to 17 regions, or more.

WITCH default regional aggregation.png
Figure 1.1: Regions of the WITCH model

The 17 regions are:

Region Countries
brazil Brazil
canada Canada
china China, including Taiwan
europe Europe
seasia South East Asia
india India
indonesia Indonesia
jpnkor Japan and South Korea
laca Latin America and the Caribbean
mena Middle East and North Africa
mexico Mexico
oceania Australia and New Zealand
sasia South Asia
ssa Sub Saharan Africa
southafrica South Africa
te Non-EU Eastern European countries, including Russia
usa United States of America

WITCH features any regional aggregations in the so-called coalitions. Some common coalitions are:

  • regional coalitions : each region is mapped to a coalition containing only this region.
  • world coalition : a coalition containing all the world regions.

Coalitions and regions interact with each others because of the presence of economic (technology, exhaustible natural resources) and environmental global externalities.