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= Archive pages =
= Archive pages =

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You can archive the current content of your model in a pdf file.


  1. Select the 'To pdf' page for your model
  2. Use the Print function of your browser (Ctrl P); select as Printer 'Adobe PDF'; click Print and save as <model name>-<version>.pdf
  3. Upload the pdf to the wiki using Tools => Upload file
  4. Edit the page: Archived model versions.
    1. Double click in the right column cell of your model;
    2. Enter the string to link;
    3. Select this string and use the Link option;
    4. Enter: File:<model name>-<version>; a list of hits will appear.
    5. Select the appropiate pdf file;
    6. Edit the link and change 'File:' intto 'Media:'. This will open the pdf when a user clicks on the link
    7. Save the page

Archive pages