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Institution National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan,, Kyoto-University (Kyoto-University), Japan,
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method Simulation

AIM/CGE represent whole economic activity. The production activities are represented as production functions which is mostly formulated by multi-nested CES function. The household expenditure is based on Stone-Geary utility function which derives LES consumption function ( The consumption, production and trade of goods and services are determined by market prices. Capital and labor allocation is also determined by wages and return of capital. Hence, Macroeconomy is a results of those activities.

The industrial classification is shown below

Agricultural sectors Energy supply sectors Other production sectors
Rice Oil mining Mineral mining and other quarrying
Wheat Gas mining Food products
Other grains Coal mining Textiles, apparel, and leather
Oil seed crops Petroleum refinery Wood products
Sugar crops Coal transformation Paper, paper products, and pulp
Other crops Biomass transformation (1st generation) Chemical, plastic, and rubber products
Ruminant livestock Biomass transformation (2nd generation with energy crop) Iron and steel
Raw milk Biomass transformation (2nd generation with residue) Nonferrous products
Other livestock and fishery Gas manufacture distribution Other manufacturing
Forestry Coal-fired power Construction
Oil-fired power Transport and communications
Gas-fired power Other service sectors
Nuclear power CCS services
Hydroelectric power
Geothermal power
Photovoltaic power
Wind power (onshore)
Wind power (offshore)
Waste biomass power
Other renewable energy power generation
Advanced biomass--- power generation