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Institution Centre international de recherche sur l'environnement et le développement (CIRED), France, http://www.centre-cired.fr., Societe de Mathematiques Appliquees et de Sciences Humaines (SMASH), France, http://www.smash.fr.
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method SimulationImaclim-R is implemented in Scilab, and uses the fonction fsolve from a shared C++ library to solve the static equilibrium system of non-linear equations.
Anticipation Recursive dynamics: each year the equilibrium is solved (system of non-linear equations), in between two years parameters to the equilibrium evolve according to specified functions.

Agriculture, industry, construction and services

By default, supply-side energy consumption in these four sectors changes according to global energy efficiency improvements and shifts in the energy carrier mix for new vintages of capital. Both are driven by the relative prices of energy. On the demand side, income elasticities of consumption of industrial and agricultural goods are assumed to decline to represent saturation, when per-capita income increases. This leads to an endogenous dematerialisation.