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Alert-warning.png Note: The documentation of IFs is 'under review' and is not yet 'published'!

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Institution Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, University of Denver (Pardee Center), Colorado, USA, https://pardee.du.edu/.
Solution concept
Solution method Dynamic recursive with annual time steps through 2100.
Anticipation Myopic

Future-Oriented Analysis. The base year of IFs is 2015 and the model runs recursively in annual time steps through horizons up to 2100. The interface has a stop and start capability to facilitate scenario analysis. The base year is changed fairly often as new data releases allow; a data “preprocessor” includes algorithms to clean and reconcile data series so as to facilitate data and base year updates.

Historical Analysis. IFs also includes an extensive and growing historical data base (over 4000 series) starting in 1960. The data base allows initiation of model runs in 1960 and comparison of projections with empirical values.