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Model Documentation - BLUES
Corresponding documentation
Model information
Institution Centro de Economia Energetica e Ambiental/Programa de Planejamento Energetico (Cenergia), Brazil,
main users: Alexandre Köberle, Pedro Rochedo, Andre Lucena, Alexandre Szklo, Roberto Schaeffer
Solution concept
Solution method

Techno-economic parameters that form the input deck of COPPE-MSB were derived from various sources (Koberle et al., 2015; Nogueira et al., 2014; J Portugal-Pereira et al., 2016; Soria et al., 2015). Techno-economic input parameters of IAMs in general, and also of COPPE-MSB, include specific investment costs (CAPEX, in US$/kW), construction times (years), conversion efficiency (%), and any technical or economic specifications that may be required to appropriately model the performance of an energy technology (investment and O&M costs, minimum utilization time, inputs and outputs, auxiliary inputs and secondary outputs among others).