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PROMETHEUS describes the world energy system, covering all energy carriers and their trade across regions.

The model includes the following modules:

  • Energy supply: production and international trade of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas)
  • Energy transformation: electricity production, refining of fuels, production of synthetic fuels (e.g. liquid biofuels, hydrogen)
  • Final energy demand: industry, buildings, transport, agriculture

PROMETHEUS produces Excel reports containing detailed energy demand and supply balances for each region identified in the model up to 2050 (the extension of model horizon to 2100 is ongoing). The projection figures come from the various PROMETHEUS modules. The focus of the model lies in the detailed representation of energy consumption dynamics (by sector and by energy carrier) combined with power generation sector which is modelled in great detail with explicit representation of distinct technologies, load duration curve patterns and a mechanism to calculate utilization of each plant in each time segment (power plant dispatching).

Scenario results based on the PROMETHEUS model include:

  • Energy demand by sector and energy product
  • Primary production of fossil fuels
  • Net imports of energy (fossil fuels, biomass and electricity)
  • Detailed power generation mix by technology
  • Energy supply by energy carrier
  • Projection of energy system costs and fossil fuel prices
  • Evolution of electricity prices in each region
  • Energy system investments in demand and supply sectors
  • Calculation of CO2 energy related emissions by sector and by fuel
  • Energy, economy and emissions indicators
  • System performance against energy and climate objectives (e.g. emission reduction, renewable energy penetration, energy efficiency improvements)
Alert-warning.png Note: The documentation of PROMETHEUS is 'under review' and is not yet 'published'!

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Institution E3Modelling (E3M), Greece,
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
Solution method Simulation
Anticipation Energy system simulation.Foresight is included only is some sub-modules (i.e. electricity generation)