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Alert-warning.png Note: The documentation of COFFEE-TEA is 'under review' and is not yet 'published'!
Model Documentation - COFFEE-TEA
Corresponding documentation
Model information
Institution UFRJ (COPPE UFRJ), Brazil,
main users: Roberto Schaeffer; Alexandre Szklo; Andre F. P. Lucena; Angelo C. Gurgel; Pedro R. R. Rochedo; Mariana Imperio; Bruno S. L. Cunha; Rafael Garaffa
Solution concept
Solution method

COFFEE and TEA models simulate emissions from long-lived GHGs (CO2, CH4, N2O). CO2 emissions from fuel combustion are calculated based on energy sources. CO2 resulting from land-use changes is endogenously calculated as a consequence of the land use (taking difference of land use from previous year). Non-CO2 emissions, CH4, and N2O emissions are basically associated with each sector's activity level. GWP100 (AR5).