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Model Documentation - GEM-E3
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Model information
Institution Institute of Communication And Computer Systems (ICCS)
Concept General equilibrium
Solution method The model is formulated as a simultaneous system of equations with an equal number of variables. The system is solved for each year following a time-forward path. The model uses the GAMS software and is written as a mixed non-linear complementarity problem solved by using the PATH algorithm using the standard solver options.
Anticipation Myopic

The GEM-E3 model quantifies several indicators relevant to the sustainable development dimensions such as:

• Economic indicators (GDP, GDP per capita, sectoral production, net exports per country, amount of investments in infrastructure as a share of GDP, percentage share of manufacturing Value Added in total VA, Manufacturing employment),

• Labor market indicators (levels of employment per sector and per skill, total unemployment, level of wages),

• Innovation indicators (labour, capital, material, energy productivities),

• Food security indicators (food prices, domestic food production, percentage household expenditure on food),

• Energy security indicators (net energy imports, the energy security price index (ESPI), the composite energy security index (CESI), Jansen’s index, oil vulnerability index, import dependence indicators, diversity indices, demand side indicators, share of zero carbon, energy prices) and

• Global partnership indicators (total tax revenue as % GDP, export share in GDP, import/export tariffs).