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Institution Centre international de recherche sur l'environnement et le développement (CIRED), France, http://www.centre-cired.fr., Societe de Mathematiques Appliquees et de Sciences Humaines (SMASH), France, http://www.smash.fr.
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method SimulationImaclim-R is implemented in Scilab, and uses the fonction fsolve from a shared C++ library to solve the static equilibrium system of non-linear equations.
Anticipation Recursive dynamics: each year the equilibrium is solved (system of non-linear equations), in between two years parameters to the equilibrium evolve according to specified functions.

Baselines do not include explicit climate policies.

A number of general or specific climate/energy policies can be modelled, including:

  • Taxes on emissions or energy, either global or differentiated by (group(s) of) regions. Alternative uses of tax revenues (e.g. redistributed in a lump-sum manner to households, used to reduce other pre-existing taxes, etc.) can be studied.
  • Emissions permit trading via global or regional schemes. Alternatives on the allocation of permits (i.e. free allocation vs. auctioning, alternative allocation schemes across regions, such as grandfathering, per capita allocation, contraction and convergence, etc.) can also be studied.
  • Specific technology subsidies or regulations.
  • Technology and/or resource constraints.