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Model Documentation - TIAM-UCL

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Institution University College London (UCL), UK,
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
Solution method Linear optimisation
Anticipation Perfect Foresight

(Stochastic and myopic runs are also possible)

There are 42 energy-service demands for the five different end-use sectors in TIAM-UCL.

A driver is allocated to each energy service demand to project demand for future years throughout the model horizon (2005 to 2100). The driver is linked to the energy-service demand by a constant and an elasticity. Demand drivers include population, GDP, number of households, GDP per capita, GDP per household and agricultural, service and industrial drivers.

Assumptions on the development of drivers are based on several sources, which are explained in the following subsections. Assumptions on demand drivers have been substantially updated from the ESTAP-TIAM model.