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The two main socio-economic drivers, population and GDP, are exogenous in PROMETHEUS.

The key marco-economic assumptions are derived from population and GDP projections.

Starting from historical data, sectoral economic activity variables are calculated (capturing regional differentiation):

  • sectoral value added by sector (industries, services, agriculture): depends on the level of development of the region, given by GDP per capita (industrialization phase followed by service-based economy);
  • industrial physical production: depends on the evolution of sectoral value added, which depends on the level of development;
  • mobility (for passengers and for goods): depends on the evolution of GDP per capita and transport activity (measured in terms of passenger-km/cars per capita or tonne-km) as well as the average cost of transport compared to income
  • buildings surfaces: depend on households size and surface per dwelling, both depending on personal income.

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Institution E3Modelling (E3M), Greece,
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
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Anticipation Energy system simulation.Foresight is included only is some sub-modules (i.e. electricity generation)