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Alert-warning.png Note: The documentation of IFs is 'under review' and is not yet 'published'!

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Institution Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, University of Denver (Pardee Center), Colorado, USA,
Solution concept
Solution method Dynamic recursive with annual time steps through 2100.
Anticipation Myopic

Countries. There are 186 countries in the IFs database and model system.

Groups. The IFs interface can aggregate projections across countries into country groupings using variable-specific rules (including sums and various weighted averages); the interface includes a great many standard country groupings as identified by different international organizations. The user can create additional groupings.

Country sub-units. The ability to split countries down into smaller geopolitical entities (provinces, districts, states, etc.) is available for all countries and has been developed with data support in various projects for selected countries.

G-Lists. For ease of result presentation users can define lists of countries, groups, and country sub-units for analysis; many have been pre-defined.