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Institution Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Beijing Institute of Technology (CEEP-BIT), China,
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method Optimization

The core of energy system is to convert primary energy into secondary energy through specific energy conversion technology. Energy conversion occurs in production sectors and are represented by electricity sector with multi power generation technologies and refined oil sector.

While crude oil is retained in this nest structure for completeness, crude oil is not used directly in any other sector except in the refined oil sector. The refined oil sector uses crude oil as a “feedstock” to produce refined oil products. Crude oil thus enters not as part of the energy bundle but as a Leontief intermediate input. In the electricity sector, the production structure reflects the mutual substitution of 10 generation technologies, including traditional fossil energy generation technologies such as coal, oil and gas, as well as clean energy generation technologies such as wind energy, solar energy, and advanced technologies with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) generation including NGCC (Natural Gas Combined Cycle)-CCS, IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle)-CCS.