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Institution Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Beijing Institute of Technology (CEEP-BIT), China,
Solution concept General equilibrium (closed economy)
Solution method Optimization

The future patterns of land use have direct influence on GHG emissions and mitigation potential for land use sector and food supply. The C3IAM/EcoLa model is a global multi-regional land use allocation optimization model, which covers the agricultural and forestry sectors (see the following Figure 1). It can be used to analyze land use change in a long-term period. The primary objective of the model is to minimize the total cost of production under consideration of agricultural demand in 12 regions.

Major types of cost in C3IAM/EcoLa are:

(1) Production costs of crop and livestock production, which are obtained by a total sum of the costs of labor, capital and intermediate inputs divided by the land area obtained from C3IAM/GEEPA;

(2) Land conversion costs which are exogenously determined by the cost of new additional land and investment into infrastructure;

(3) Carbon emissions costs which consider the carbon costs caused by land use change in mitigation scenarios.

Figure 1. The framework of C3IAM/EcoLa