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Population is an exogenous driver in PROMETHEUS. The model distinguishes only one population group.

Population projections by region are derived from the latest EC Ageing Report (for EU countries) and from the UN World Population Prospects, medium fertility scenario (for non-EU countries).

Alternative assumptions for population developments can be used to simulate different futures/ scenarios (e.g. including the Shared Socio-economic Pathways)

Alert-warning.png Note: The documentation of PROMETHEUS is 'under review' and is not yet 'published'!

Model Documentation - PROMETHEUS

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Model information
Model link
Institution E3Modelling (E3M), Greece, https://e3modelling.com/modelling-tools.
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
Solution method Simulation
Anticipation Energy system simulation.Foresight is included only is some sub-modules (i.e. electricity generation)