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PROMETHEUS model represents gas and electricity grids implicitly, in particular through the energy transportation and distribution costs, which depend on the provision of infrastructure (e.g. electricity interconnectors, gas pipelines, LNG)

Own use of the energy sector

Fossil fuel extraction

PROMETHEUS describes own energy use related to fossil fuel extraction is through one single factor, expressed by fuel as a % of the energy production, differentiated by fuel type (conventional oil, tar sands, extra heavy oil, coal, lignite, conventional gas, shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane).The future development of these factors follows the historical patterns.


The energy use in the refining sector is captured through a coefficient, expressed as a % of the demand for oil product, which can be kept constant in the future or implement some energy efficiency improvements.


Other own-energy uses are captured through a coefficient, expressed by fuel as a % of primary energy demand.

Losses in Transport & Distribution

Grids and pipelines are not modelled explicitly. Pipelines are captured through transport costs as compared to other trade routes.

Losses in T&D are expressed by fuel as a % of final energy use, and can be kept constant at the last historical value or adjusted depending on the scenario (for instance to capture a decrease in electricity losses through improvements in grids, ..).

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Institution E3Modelling (E3M), Greece,
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
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Anticipation Energy system simulation.Foresight is included only is some sub-modules (i.e. electricity generation)