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Institution JRC - Joint Research Centre - European Commission (EC-JRC), Belgium, http://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/.
Solution concept Partial equilibrium (price elastic demand)
Solution method SimulationRecursive simulation
Anticipation Myopic

All Kyoto defined greenhouse gases are included POLES: CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, HFCs, PFCs. Note that HFCs and PFCs are respectively gathered into one category, the corresponding global warming potentials (GWP) being the average ratio between historical inventories expressed in CO2e and in grams, the ratio are then kept constant.

The model directly covers all emissions from the energy sector and the industry sector. Other emissions (agriculture, land use) come from a soft linkage with the GLOBIOM/G4M model.

GHG policies affect these emissions: energy CO2 is derived from the changes in the energy sector induced by the policy, other emissions are affected by specific marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs).

Information sources include: UNFCCC GHG inventoriesUNFCCC 2015, IPCC Assessment Reports, EDGAR databaseEC-JRC 2015, IEAIEA 2015, EIA, FAOFAO 2015.

The model has been used extensively to study climate mitigation scenariosEC-JRC 2007EC-JRC 2009vandyck2016akriegler2015ma. See the Policy page for more examples.